Knock out 北京

// right now I’m the ugliest thing I have ever seen in life//

I m illlll Im so illll

if you have children or any sibilings under age 10 make them catch a “Chicken dots” now!!!

I am pretty old and I never had it when i was a child and omg I’d ratsher cut of my finger then go through this again

first 2 days a I had unbeliveble headache and very high temperature + my back hurt so couldnt get up

now all my face is covered with thous discousting acnies(it’s actually not acnies idk how it’s called) they are EVERYWHERE on my face on my body on my boobs in my mouth in my ears in my throat in my eyes!!!

I feel like Rokki Dennis from film Mask, I cant even sleep becouse they itching and the all over my head so even liying on pillow is painfull

i feel discousting eating food ‘cus this acnies all over my lips nd every time i m trying to eat it’s touching, and swalowing is also extremely painful

i wanted to post a photo but I think it will be used for some internet comertials, like before and after. plus I think 80% of tumblr users are eating so don’t wanna make you vomit (you are welcome)

i was too lazy to edit each photo, just put everything togethere like it’s art 

i was too lazy to edit each photo, just put everything togethere like it’s art 

the one with painted beard, you stupid blind kid ==

// invisible//

I am an invisible person i swear

today I fall asleep on a first table in front of a teacher, when i say “in front” is like 50cm from her face and I was sittng alone. She didnt say a word while other students were punished just becouse looking time on their phones

and after class other students were like :wow how could she didnt notice you sleeping?

and I was like: you guys are dumb, you forget me in classroom ==

no one noticed me being there their all just left,I woke up when every one already left(I guess it’s a bad part of being invisible)

no baby noooooo

dont cryyyy T___________________T

ah……my kokkoro~

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do you ever just feel so awkward when you buy something and pay in cash and the cashier gives you the change back but you take a few seconds to put the money in your wallet and you can feel the world judging you from afar 

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I feel awkward when I want to pay without change and searching for coins in my wallet. Time just stops and I turn in to a hobo who giving his last money

// all da bitches in da club//

was in club yesterday…It was the first time I truly enjoy it 

of course like every fake-hipster-imsospecial young lady I “hate” clubs. And I have all reasons for it: 1) I don’t drink alkohol 2) I dont like too loud music and club music what so ever 3)i can’t dance (well i can but it so horrible you can even smell the awkwardness around me)

My classmates decided to go out all together but it was only girls and I think they weren’t prepearing for that, so they all one by one just rejected to go, becouse of some ”bussiness” (21 years old students without boyfriends on Saturday evening, what else you can do ecxept of going out??..stupid pussies)

But I didn’t showered for nothing , you know…So I take my Real friends, they didnt want to go but since I asked they agreed. only 3 of us, we dont drink, dont searching for attention, don’t have reasons to show off…

I danced I really did, didn’t care who can see me, what people will think, no need to drink to relax. 

The 60% of people were korean students so I even saw some cuties ^3^ ,touched few butts when they werent looking ”’>.>

well my friend said that I dance like old drunk homeless…but It was yesterday, I can care less now haha. T-T

I only draw models ^^”“”

I only draw models ^^”“”

Moved to dormitory,At least I have mirrow now >.>

Moved to dormitory,At least I have mirrow now >.>

Oh you wearing your tiffany accesdories? Well too bad ‘cause Ima wearing “kinder surprise” and all eyes are one meh

Oh you wearing your tiffany accesdories? Well too bad ‘cause Ima wearing “kinder surprise” and all eyes are one meh

If he would do that to me I probably will just come, wright there, screaming in orgasmic passion…that would be awkward…

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// Life goals//

I still can’t get over the idea of how cool it would be if we could eat and sleep at the same time 

没有什么特别的。 就是我。 喜欢自己。